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Search Destinations

This option allows the user to search for vacation destinations using a variety of search criteria. Enter the desired search criteria to find destinations that match the information.

There are two types of criteria. There terms that are used as filters and other terms used to calculate a relevance score. Filter terms will prevent locations from being returned in the query whereas the relevance score is used to sort the results based on how many of the terms match.

The Filter type of criteria are all the fields above the attraction types box. These include postal code, region, country, state, rain, temperature, resort and coastal fields. All the other fields are used to calculate relevance and will not prevent records from being displayed.


Search for the following fields:

Region = North America
Country = Mexico
Temperature = 70-80s
Coastal = checked

Watersports = checked
Historical sites = checked
Golf Course = checked

The top four fields will restrict or prevent all rows that do not meet the values. The bottom three fields will be used to order the relevance, or how many of these attractions are located near or in the destination.

Query Results –

The query results will display values that meet the uses selection criteria. The results are ordered based on the number of attractions selected. The results are grouped based on the level of the search. If the user did not specify a region in the selection criteria, then the results will be displayed at the region level. If the user selected a region to filter, the results will display for the countries in that region and so on. The results allow the user to drill down as far as the destination or city.

Comparing Results –

A great feature this website has is the ability to compare cities together. In the results section at the city level, the user can select cities to compare. Check box to the right of the city and press the “add cities to compare” button on the bottom of the page. This will add the selected cities to the compare cities box on the middle right side of the page. Cities can be removed from the compare list be selecting the cities and pressing the “remove cities” link at the bottom of the compare cities box.

Select the "compare cities" link at the top of the box to compare the cities based on several factors including: Average Hotel and Meal cost, average airline cost, time to travel, relative safety of the city and other factors. The compare results screen allows the user to calculate cost based on the number of travelers, the length of the stay and the month of travel. This will take into account the seasonal price changes for the destinations. These values represent averages. The actual cost can very depending on the level of service and availability.

Search Attractions

The Search Attractions screen allows the user to find attractions of all types near a specified city. Select the country, state, city name. If the user does not know the city name, select the "Help" link to the right of the city name. This will display a pop up that can be used to find cities by state. Select the "Update" button on the pop up and the city name is copied to the Search Attractions screen.

The use can also choose to restrict the search by only looking for specific types of attractions. By default, all attraction types are selected. The user can specify individual attraction types, or leave all unchecked to return all attractions.

Personalized Search

The personalized search is a very powerful means for a visitor to see what destinations they would probably be interested in. The website will return destination based on the visitors personality. This is done by finding other registered with a similar travel personality. The destinations for these users is then summarized and presented.

The first step in this process however is the register your information.