This Search page allows you to specify criteria to search for vacation destination. See below for more tips on how to find the best destination for you.

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Select the activites and attractions of interest. Leave all BLANK to select all attractions and activities.
Activities & Attractions Sight and Scenery Cultural Highlights
Adventure Travel Air sports Covered Bridges Art Galleries
Amusement Parks Bicycle Tours Fossils, Geology Crafts & Antiques
Casinos Eco Travel Gardens & Arboretums Dance / Ballet
Golf Courses Guest Ranches Historical Sites Museums
Hiking / Backpacking Hunting & Fishing Military Battlefields Music
Motor Sports Outfitters National Parks Native American Heritage
Ski / Snow Rock Climbing Natural Preserves Railroad Related
Tour Operators Water sports State Parks Science & Technology
Rafting, Canoe, Kayak Winery   Theatre
Zoos & Aquariums     Western Heritage

Usage Notes
  • MUST HAVES - Any filters selected in the yellow areas above are exclusive. This means that any cities or destinations must match the filter criteria. It is best to select fewer filters in the beginning and add additional filters to limit your search.
  • NICE TO HAVES Any of the activities, sites and options listed in the white area. These are not exclusive in that they will not limit the search but are used to rank the search results.
  • Resort filter is used to find resort areas. Coastal is used to find destinations near the beach.
  • The month field MUST be selected when temperature or rainfall fields are selected. This field is also used in some of the compare functions.
  • No Records Found means that there are too many filters and no destinations matched your search.