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Martinique Resorts and Information
martinique beach resorts Martinique is overseas region of France located in the Caribbean. The island is measures about 40 miles and 20 miles wide. There are plenty of beaches with varied colored sands including white, grey and black sandy beaches. Most of the island is covered with lush tropical vegetation. The northern and interior of the island is rugged while the southern part of the island is more flat. The extinct volcano Mont Pelee is the highest point at about 4500 feet.

There are many fine hotels in Martinique. There are several large hotels located near the best beaches that offer a variety of sporting activities. Most of the islandís hotels are smaller, family run properties with fewer rooms. These accommodations range from the luxury 5 star services to the more budget minded. There are plenty of home rentals available at various cost.

Martinique offers the tourist a variety of activities. The most popular is Scuba diving and snorkeling. Other activities include Golf, Tennis, Horseback riding, hiking, kayaking and sailing. The beaches in Martinique range from the fine white sand to various shades of grey to black. This is due to the volcanic rocks that are the basis for most of the sand on the island.

Most of the tourists visiting Martinique are from France and other European nations. Most of the tourist resorts, hotels and popular beaches are located on the southern end of the island. This region tends to be flatter and more accessible. The island offers a good mix of Caribbean culture along with European influences.

Martinique Reasons to Visit
The island is very European. Most all the people including tourist speak French. This offers the traveler a different perspective on Caribbean culture and experience.

There is an active volcano on this island. The last time it erupted was in 1902. The ash and from rocks from the volcano are the source of the sandy beaches on the island. The color of the sand ranges from pure white, various shades of grey to black.

Martinique as several different geological regions including tropical rain forests, rugged mountains, coastal plains and others. This allows the visitors a good opportunity to see a variety of landscapes and geologies.

Martinique has well organized hiking trails and offers incredible opportunities to hike in the rain forest.