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barbados beach resorts Barbados is the most eastern Caribbean island. It is actually in the Atlantic Ocean just outside of the Caribbean sea. Barbados is one large island about 166 square miles. The island is round and supports about 270,000 inhabitants. Barbados has many soft white sandy beaches all over the island. The waters are warm and the climate is tropical and mild.

There are quite a few types of lodging available in Barbados. The service range from small hotel rooms starting at $40.00 per night all the way up to 5 Star Luxury resorts that offer every type of service imaginable. Many home and villa rentals are available at a cost that is less than the fancy hotels. There is also a good selection of bed and breakfast properties available as well.

Most attractions have something to do with the ocean or beach. The favorite attraction among tourists is the various watersport opportunities on the island. These activities include Scuba diving, snorkeling, surging, swimming, kayaking, parasailing and many types of ocean cruises. Land based activities include hiking, garden tours, nature tours of all kinds and more.

The weather in Barbados is mild and beautiful most of the year. The high is between 75 and 85f most of the year. The average nighttime temperature is slightly less. The humidity can be high but the prevailing trade winds make the weather very appealing. Barbados lies just outside the Hurricane belt so the threat of Hurricanes is very small. The last Hurricane to strike the island was over 25 years ago.

Most of the tourists travel from the US, Canada and European countries. The busy season is in the winter months while the off season is in the summer months. The island is a major port of call to many cruise ship companies.