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bahamas beach resorts The Bahamas is a island country in the western part of the Atlantic north of Cuba and East of Florida. The country is composed of two thousand cays and around 700 hundred islands depending on how high the tide is. Most of the islands are small, flat with little vegetation. This geography does however create vast numbers of beaches that are the primary draw for tourists.

The beaches are bright white sand with clear blue water. There are many secluded islands and bays that make perfect anchorages for boats. The larger islands have many hotels ranging from 5-star luxury resorts, more common hotels and everything in between. Many of the hotels offer Bahamas all inclusive choices for the tourist to enjoy. The Bahamas are relatively close to the US mainland and an ideal vacation destination.

The main attraction of The Bahamas is the beaches and water. The beaches offer the tourist endless opportunities to swim, snorkel and scuba diving. Other water activities include water skiing, para-sailing and sun bathing. Other land based activities include atv tours, certain eco tours, spas, wellness centers and more.

The Bahamas is a main cruise ship port. All the large cruise ship travel to the islands and up to 4 or more ships can be in port at any given time. The economy is based on tourism and the country enjoys a high standard of living compared to other Caribbean nations.

The weather in The Bahamas is sub tropical. The days are warm and the nights are pleasant. The weather tends to be more variable than other Caribbean nations to the south. The weather however is still a primary draw for many tourists.