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antigua beach resorts Antigua and Barbuda are a self governed island state in the north Caribbean. The main island where most of the 71,000 inhabitants live is the island of Antigua. The island is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide. The next largest island is Barbuda and has a population of about 1,600. The coastline is composed of rocky cliffs with many inlets and bays that are have secluded white sandy beaches. The inlet and bays also provide many safe anchorages for boats and yachts.

The islands have little in the way of forest and are considered a desert by most tourists. The islands are covered with scrub brush with a few pockets of tropical foliage. The island used to be a large surgar plantation. Much of the land was used to grow sugar cane. When the industry crashed, the fields were not replanted and the tropical forest common on other islands did not recover. The weather is constant and averages about 82f degrees. The water is always warm and clear making ideal conditions for snorkeling and scuba diving. There is over 300 days of sunshine and most of the rain happens in the afternoon and evening.

Many hotels are available for tourists. Hotels range from 5 star resorts, all inclusive resorts and many other levels of service. Most of hotels offer some form of all inclusive vacation packages. The hotels are scattered all over the islands mainly on one of the fine beaches.

Antigua and Barbuda attractions are centered around water sports and ocean activities. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and many other forms of water sports are available. Sailing is an important tradition in Antigua. The annual Antigua yacht race and regattas draw thousands of boats to the islands during late April and early May. Many other activities are available to the tourist including horseback riding, eco tours, atv tours and many types of boating charters.

The main city in Antigua is St. Johns. There are several other smaller towns around the island. Cordington is the only city on the island of Barbuda and makes for a great day trip. Antigua is a popular honeymoon destination as there are many all inclusive resorts that provide any level of service. Antigua also has a deep water port where cruise ships can dock on a regular basis.